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Lights & Sounds

The lights and sounds system is a very crucial part of any event, check out our packages and let us help you decide which one is best for your celebration!

Video Playback

AVP prepared by your friends or colleagues? On-site video from your dream videographer? Or simply your event logo that you worked hard on? Let us display it on your event perfectly! Check out our equipment!

Drapings & Tivoli Lights

In partnership with Drapings Project.

Do you have a bare space for your event? Let's transform your venue with drapes and lights!


Be seen from every part of your venue with a stage!

Dance Floor

Having a party means dancing too! Get that special area where you and your guests can have a blast by renting a dance floor!


Get that concert feel on your event by adding trusses, it's a nice addition to any event!